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One tap to pay for goods and services
Easy and secure

Issue payment cards directly to the smartphones and “smart” wearable gadgets of your clients


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Take pictures of your plastic cards or get new loyalty cards from our partners using “The Wallet” app.


You don’t need to carry around your plastic cards anymore: now everything you need is in your smartphone.

Tokenization of plastic cards

Bank clients can add existing plastic cards to the Wallet app on their NFC-enabled smartphone or to a “smart“ wearable device with contactless payment functionality.


There is no need to carry around a number of cumbersome plastic cards or to spend time for finding them in a wallet at the cash desk. Payment for goods and services is now possible with just one tap of a smartphone or a wearable device.


New payment card can be issued remotely – no visit to the bank brunch is required. Existing plastic cards could be easily added to the app in a few minutes.


Card data is fully secured: thanks to the tokenization technology, card payment data is not provided to the seller.

Support of wearable devices

Retail partnerships

Roll out co-marketing promo campaigns in collaboration with our partners – leaders of Russian retail market. Our users have already added more than 300 mln retail loyalty cards to the Wallet app.
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